Friday, September 11, 2020

New Book

I may have a new novel coming out soon. It’s a mystery. As in the book is about a crime and because I can’t seem to reliably predict any moment in my immediate future. Long term, sure, things are going to be great. Two weeks from now? Halloween or Thanksgiving? No idea. So who knows when the tome will hit your shelf. I’m going to guess at a late fall release of my next book, The Untouchable.

Watch this space.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Handler

Melania Trump, 2020 RNC Convention
Melania Trump, 2020 RNC Convention

Russian Military Uniform
Russian Military Uniform

I think this is the moment in the movie when the masks come off (metaphorically - you keep 'em on out there) and we realize Melania has been Donald's handler all this time. She's obviously a general in the Russian military. She's really in charge and to be honest, that might be for the best.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Conway the Machine

This is a picture of me and Buffalo rap artist Conway the Machine, who bought breakfast for every bus operator, rail operator and mechanic at Metro. What a freakin' nice guy. He didn't want transit workers to be forgotten during this COVID crisis. They put themselves out there, everyday, like grocery store workers, postal professionals, healthcare workers and first responders. It is a poignant acknowledgement.

He's also pretty talented. I'm partial to Land O' Lakes.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

This is approximately the ten-year anniversary of my novel Cinco de Mayo. A book about a global, mind-altering event. I can say now, I pretty much nailed it. Pat on back. Pat. Not that it was too difficult. People are the same in their variety. Some people can adapt to change, some can’t. Some people can accept that the path ahead will not look like the one behind and turn and face backward. Others will keep moving forward even though they don’t have any idea what lies ahead. They know – we all should know – it will, at the very least, be novel.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

James Nowicki

Veteran broadcaster, and my uncle, James Nowicki passed away Friday, December 6. A Grand Island resident for most of his life, Jim loved the Island, only living elsewhere when his first love demanded it. Radio was Jim’s real passion. He started his career here in Buffalo, but spent the mid-70s in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he had the most popular radio show in the city for several years. Returning to this area, Jim worked as a disc jockey, producer and promotions director on stations up and down the dial: WYSL, WPHD, WBEN, WJYE and WBFO (maybe a few others.)

In the early 90s Jim joined Metro Networks as a traffic reporter, airing on multiple radio and TV stations at once, including WKBW Channel 7. Jim took what radio people would call a regular job in 2003 working for Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition. Broadcasting never let go though, as he continued to provide on-air traffic reports for Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority.

Jim was a recognized expert on the Beatles, early rock ‘n roll and Hank Aaron. He would drive hours not always to see Braves games, but sometimes just to get close enough to hear one on the radio. Even his interests were tangential to broadcasting. “He had great pipes”, as they used to say in the business. And he loved using them. The last thing Jim would want in his remembrance is a moment of silence. He’d want you to hear in his voice, “thanks for shopping the Jim Nowicki show.”

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Not dead

I haven't posted in a while because of grad school. I'm still pursuing my Masters of English. At the halfway mark, I can say that I might actually finish. More than likely. It gets easier and tougher at the same time. The learning skills have been reactivated and I know how to use all of the online tech. But I'm getting tired and I have pushed lots of other stuff to the side. Apparently my daughter graduated from high school and is on her way to a college of her own. You look down for one more sentence and poof, you feel like you missed a whole story.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Character Development

“Boy it’s getting bad when you have to con your own horse for a ride.”
 - Bret Maverick 

No one is defined by one moment. Any fiction writer will tell you characters are constructed from dialogue, action, choices, and limned by the reflections of others. That’s why we have these ridiculous Supreme Court confirmation hearings. So we can all piece together a character, without the guidance of a good script. Was that candidate the top of the list or a late entry? Did he fudge, or maybe lie, under oath? Does he have some confusing debt issues? Is he the kind of person who pissed you off so bad in high school you remember 35 years later?

Anyone can be a Supreme Court Judge. Anyone. The Constitution makes it perfectly clear. They don’t even have to be a citizen. Sure, we like Ivy Leaguers. Why, I don’t know. A judge gets a staff of their choosing and they can all be super educated. All we really need is someone who can make a fair and honest decision. We’ve got to have more than one of those milling about the country, right? A Supreme Court nominee does not need to pass for 554 yards in a game, hit a high A above high C or run a marathon in 2:02:57.

He or she does not need to be special, probably shouldn’t be special and certainly shouldn’t be treated that way to begin with.