Thursday, July 29, 2010

My socially conscious novel

Cinco de Mayo comes out September 1, from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy. It’s a science fiction thriller. A hybrid. And while hybrids are the happening thing in the automotive world, they have not always been must-haves for publishers. People are trounced everyday with immane amounts of choice. We need guild posts, labels and pigeonholes just to get through a morning, let alone a day. So I don’t begrudge people wanting clearly defined categories, and being weary of things that don’t quite fit there in. I do hope we find a few iconoclastic readers. EDGE deserves to have its bravery validated. I like when people read my writing. And, you know, hybrids are good for the environment. Read my book, save a manatee.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The world is my neti pot

Like most writers, I suck stuff in and let it drain out of me. Not the most elegant metaphor, but then again, you don't have my sinuses. Be thankful for that. I'm going to try to blog about writing, launching my first novel for adults and holding on to the rest of my life while I do so. It won't be elegant, either. More of a cleansing. Or flushing, really. We'll see.