Thursday, October 22, 2015

Not all Munchkins are the same

My daughter Nina got a part in her high school’s production of The Wizard of OZ. She is a freshman, so she’s excited. No. She’s excited because she’s excitable and the part is the spark. There are, it seems, other sparks.

Max is in fourth grade. Nina’s school needs a few more Munchkins, so it called down to the elementary school. Now Max and Nina are in the same play, even though they are five years apart. Awesome right?

Not if you’re Nina. I’m proud to say that performing in her first high school musical with her nine-year-old brother did not ignite in the fireworks I feared. The reason, as Nina explains it: Not all Munchkins are the same.

There is a Munchkin class system. Who knew? I am not sure I wanted the kids to learn about ridged societal structures, but they are getting a nice, round education and I should leave it at that.

My future lies 
Beyond the yellow brick road.

Is that line from that show?