Friday, May 22, 2020

Conway the Machine

This is a picture of me and Buffalo rap artist Conway the Machine, who bought breakfast for every bus operator, rail operator and mechanic at Metro. What a freakin' nice guy. He didn't want transit workers to be forgotten during this COVID crisis. They put themselves out there, everyday, like grocery store workers, postal professionals, healthcare workers and first responders. It is a poignant acknowledgement.

He's also pretty talented. I'm partial to Land O' Lakes.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

This is approximately the ten-year anniversary of my novel Cinco de Mayo. A book about a global, mind-altering event. I can say now, I pretty much nailed it. Pat on back. Pat. Not that it was too difficult. People are the same in their variety. Some people can adapt to change, some can’t. Some people can accept that the path ahead will not look like the one behind and turn and face backward. Others will keep moving forward even though they don’t have any idea what lies ahead. They know – we all should know – it will, at the very least, be novel.