Friday, April 13, 2012

Four wrongs and a right

My car refused to start this morning. It’s a new car, fewer miles than my driving shoes, but whatever. These things happen. I have other things to do today. Like cut my lawn. The tractor died halfway up my lawn. Not died like I can fix it, either. We’re talking soundless dead. I’m now waiting for my second flatbed of the day.

Not that I’m complaining, exactly. I’m fortunate to have a car and a tractor and lawn that needs cutting. But . . .
I decided to put the pool cover away. It goes in a rack that hangs inside my garage. The wife helped me load the 200 lb beast up on the rack. I folded it different this year. Flat, like an old Esso map, rather than rolled like it’s going off to fight in the trenches. While I was out, it drooped off the side and blocked the side door effectively baring my entrance into my home. My garage door opener is in the car that got towed away. My keys are inside the house.

Luckily for me, I’m doubly stupid and left the back door unlocked, proving several wrongs do make a right.

I decided to bag it after that. I’m supposed to write anyway. I get my laptop and a nice cigar and go back outside. And – I’m not making this up – my lighter doesn’t freakin work. I am going to light this thing from the pilot under the hot water tank. If this gets posted you’ll know I’m fine.