Thursday, August 4, 2016

When Words Collide

Off to Calgary next week for When Words Collide, my favorite writing conference. It brings together writers from different genres – mystery, thriller, horror, romance, fantasy and of course, science fiction, the weird cousin of all genres.

I’ll be doing panels on . . .

Privacy in Science Fiction – which is tricky as science fiction writers like to be private and then open themselves up to the whole world.

Writing about horrible things – as opposed to just horrible writing, either of which I may claim some expertise.

Is theme overrated – quick answer, yes. Everything is, aside from The Land of Laughs by Jonathan Carroll, which far too few people have read.

Mystery and speculative fiction crossover – this is how I spend my spare time. I actually drive a crossover now, that’s how far into it I am.

Is there a place for optimism in science fiction – as if it matters, psychic AI bacteria are going to kill us all anyway. ‘mater-o-time.

Science fiction noir classics – I want to go so I can nominate some of my work. I’m not classy, but my books are.