Monday, May 7, 2012

Synch, Kiss Me, Drop

I became a fan of Susan Church in a writer’s least favorite way. I met her first (most writers want you to love them for their work). She’s such a delightful person I had to see if any of her charm came through her fiction. This is not a given. I’ve met some wonderful people who couldn’t write a check and some troglodytes with word skills beyond their social abilities. I am a total jackass, but my fiction is pretty engaging. Susan is one of the lucky bunch whose personality comes through the page (screen, more and more). Her newest story is here, and free, and great way to get started. She has a trippy way of getting across her trippy plot, puts you on the side of questionable characters and basically takes you to a world that doesn’t yet exist but you’re pretty sure probably could at any moment. And she makes you smile. An often overlooked, but damn good reason, to read.

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