Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Man vs. machine

True story.  Happened last night.  

The screw in the vending machine held on to the fun fruits. They would not drop into the bin. Nina finished her swimming lesson. She asked for a relatively healthy treat and there that sack hung. Taunting me. Of course, I had no more cash. It was a miracle at that $1 in the first place. I tapped the glass a few times, like they tell you never to do at the zoo. The fun fruits remained, motionless, caught on the tip of bag.

I did what any good father would do – I looked around, ensuring no witnesses, and rammed the machine with my shoulder. The steel and glass box rattled and banged the ground, blaring a kind of metallic thunder through the hallway. We were gonna get kicked out of this place. I almost ran for it. A spring inside the beast sprung, shooting snacks at the glass. They dropped to the tray below.

The fun fruits stayed pinched in place. The trough was filled with peanut-butter stuffed cheddar crackers. I knelt, removed one and handed it to Nina.

“Not what I was hoping for.” Nina opened the package.

I stared at the rest of the cracker packs. For a second. Then I scooped them all into her gym bag.

“Is that stealing?” Nina asked. She took a small bite of the bright orange snack.

I told her I was undecided.

“These are revolting.” She handed me the rest.

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  1. Lol!:D That story is so funny! Btw, I did eat some fun fruits when I got home, just not from the machine.