Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Border Perspective

Since October 56,000 children have entered the country illegally. It seems like a big number.  God knows, if all of them we're buying one my books I'd be thrilled.  In that same time about 2.6 million children were born in the U.S. That's a bigger number.  Would anyone have noticed if America’s birthrate rose two-tenths of a percent in the last three quarters? Anyone?

I’m not advocating illegal immigration or law breaking. I do think people might want to try to keep the issue in perspective. Any protestor holding a sign up to a 12-year-old telling her to go home and saying to the cameras “I’m saving our country” needs to give the matter just a little more thought. Sure, tighten up the borders, tell all of Uruguay this won’t be tolerated, but please, don’t make kids your soccer ball.

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