Saturday, September 11, 2010

Parajunkee’s View

I love when writers / artists / actors say they don’t pay attention to reviews. I can understand not wanting to, but skipping them completely is like ignoring a mirror as you pass by. Don’t you want to know anything about yourself? Even if it’s just to make sure there’s no basil stuck in your teeth? I like to read reviews, of all kinds of books, but especially my own. Whether or not I agree with the review is superfluous. The meaning is in what the reviewer took away. What, of the thousands of possible traits, items and aspects in any novel, sat up and wagged its tail . . . or growled.

This review is interesting to me because one of things I set out to do in Cinco de Mayo was cram as many stories as possible into a regular sized book – no huge phonebook like thing. Accessibility was my first priority. This reviewer tells me I succeeded, though maybe too well. She’s a bit harsh on the cover. Other than that, I’m thrilled. Nothing in the teeth.

Cinco de Mayo review at Parajunkee

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  1. interesting review, interesting perspectives you've made as well. i rarely believe anyone reviewed ignores them, rare is the person who has yet to google themselves just to see what is out there, thier "reviews".

    Back to the review itself, most interesting is the notion of expanding the idea, ala louis lamore's western series or perhaps more mainstream, the harry potter series. That you left the reviewer with a thirst for more suggest a stimulation, a desire to validate that which is now left to her imagination - not a bad thing.

    Seems as though it's time to start expanding the series so when you have the call to negotiate the movie rights you can do so for multiple films, more efficient that way, don't you think?