Sunday, August 14, 2011


Every one should have to sit on the other side of their desk once in a while. Whatever desk you happen to have. I’m working on an advertising campaign and this week participated in the casting call for the central talent. It’s not exactly playing editor for a day, but in some ways maybe a little worse. Watching people try out, smiling laughing, frowning – basically doing anything you ask them to do, and then deciding, nope, next, within seconds, is surreal. Nearly any one of the people we viewed could’ve done the job. Deciding exactly who plays the part best becomes a matter of slicing things really, really thin.

Of course, in the end, it’s all about me. How often do my stories end up tossed immediately? How often to they end up on the floor with the other split hairs? All the people I’m about to cast out into the dark will be left wondering, too. Just like I spend most of my time. I wish I could say I felt a surge of compassion, but this is the way things go. Rejection comes in silence.

You only ever get the details of success.

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  1. Yeah, but rejection and silence is the price for eventual success. ;)