Tuesday, December 4, 2012


If players want more money, they should be more entertaining.  I think we should abolish the penalty box.  If a player breaks the rules, why does he get to rest while everyone else skates up and down the ice?  A real penalty would involve figure skating.  Cross-Checking: Two minute routine, under the spot light.  Then resume play.  I’m entertained, the penalty is acknowledged and justice is served.

Yoga on its own is boring.  The stretching and holding is fine, but I contemplate things when I drive.  Yoga should encompass things I can’t do when I drive, like sample scotch.  If there was some kind of single-malt tasting / Hatha session, I think I would be less bored.  MacMantra Yoga School.  Hmmm . . . .

The President of Egypt
Half-listening to the news, I catch that the president of Egypt is taking heat for taking too much power.  It sounds like President Morrissey, but that can’t be, right?  The former lead singer of The Smiths, and successful solo artist, considered one of the founder of the indie rock movement, can’t be president of Egypt.  He’s from Manchester.

It would be cool, though.  Sure, he’s a left-wing fascist, but that’s the cool part.  They never get to run a government.  Mandatory good-will, acceptance and understanding.  I’d love to see how it all worked out.  Couldn’t be worse. 

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