Friday, November 1, 2013

Put the NSA in charge of Obamacare

So the NSA hacked into Google and Yahoo, to gain access to data no one thought they could touch.  Wow.  Regardless of what you think about the ethics or legality, it’s quite an achievement.  The engineers at Google and Yahoo are, presumably, amongst the best in the world.

If the NSA can infiltrate them, well, their Kung Fu must be better.  I bet they could fix up a retail-database site like nothing.  The president should immediately re-direct the efforts of the NSA to repairing the Affordable Care Act’s Web site. 

It’s a win, win, win.  They can improve their image while helping 14 million uninsured American’s get healthcare.  Sure, there are all kinds of HIPAA regulations regarding security an such, but hey, that’s obviously not an issue for the agency.

And they can keep Al-Qaeda affiliates from getting health insurance.  Love it. 

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