Monday, November 9, 2015

Wanted: Best of the worst

I’m looking for troubled science fiction movies. SFContario 6 is in two weeks and I’m moderating a panel (description below) on movies that were less that perfect. If I haven’t seen your suggestions, I will arrange to do so while my wife is still out of town and will not say “Why the Hell are you watching this crap?”

So, anyone?

Panel description:
But I Liked It - You've just seen the latest SF movie and loved it, and can't wait to discuss it with other fans! But when you do, it becomes glaringly apparent that A, everyone else hated it, and B, anyone who even sort-of liked it is a Brain-Dead Stupid Lame-O MORON! This panel is for all the people who had no problem with Star Trek Into Darkness, who forgave Indy 4's flaws, who thought X-Men: The Last Stand could have been a whole lot worse, and (Ghods help them) the people who actually enjoyed all 4 Transformers movies! Stand up for your right to enjoy the unpopular!

1 comment:

  1. That should be an exciting panel! The only problem is that there are SO MANY! Might want to nail it down a bit, perhaps to exclude sequels because they are almost always bad in their own right. And finding the line between science fiction and fantasy might be tricky.

    Find a buddy that has the Apple iTV box, and go through their science fiction collection. OMG. That will give you more than enough suggestions. Have fun with it!