Thursday, October 13, 2016

Run With Me

I’m kicking around an idea for new novel: The plot is full of political intrigue. Two presidential candidates make a secret pact to get one of them elected. One positions himself as the alpha-male leader of America’s right wing, the other slides left. They agree that after the alpha male has solidified his leadership, he will throw the campaign, leaving no time for the right to recover and his old friend can more easily walk into the presidency.

The protagonists have agency. They are smart, make plans and carry them out. They are not billiard balls waiting for the next knock, hoping it finally puts the other down a hole.

You know, a fantasy utopian novel. There hasn’t been much of market for that kind of thing lately, but I’m thinking that might change. I’m calling it Run With Me. There might be more than few people looking for a little escape.

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